Church Missions

The PCEA has always been vitally involved in sending and supporting missionaries unto all nations in response to the great commission of Matthew 28:19 - Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

A committee of the Synod of the PCEA has oversight of the work of missions within the church. Some members are seconded to other mission agencies.

Mission fields include:

  • Australia
    Rev. Trevor Leggott is serving with the Australian Indigenous Ministries. This mission assists in establishing and supporting churches among the indigenous people of Australia.
  • Fiji
    The PCEA commenced work in Fiji in 1983. Although the Presbyterian Free Church of Fiji doesn't currently have a minister and evangelist serving them, they continue to gather together under the leadership of Eliki.
  • India
    The Free Church of Central India was established with the help of missionaries from the PCEA. A hospital at Lakhnaddon serves the rural community in the name of Jesus Christ. A mission School at Chhapara provides high quality Christian education while smaller primary schools are also operated by the church. There are churches at both centres and also in the city of Jabalpur.

    Dr Rahmat Hussain of the Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church in Dehradun is reaching out with the gospel to Muslims in India. Under his leadership a Taleem (discipleship) centre has been established in Siwan district, Bihar. This includes a nutrition program and classes for over 100 children.
  • Peru
    Missionaries are seconded to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Peru. They serve in Moyobamba School and Colegio San Andres in Lima. Some are seconded to the Lima Evangelical Seminary.
  • South Africa
    Teachers at the Dumisani Theological Institute and Bible School in King William's Town train ministers for the Free Church in South Africa. There is a great need for trained pastors within this church of over 2000 members in 62 congregations. The people are generally poor with a large proportion of young people.

Contact the missions convener for a copy of the current mission prayer notes.


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